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The Seven Undervalued Teams of March Madness: Betting the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

Nate Silver’s Grantland-esque website FiveThirtyEight debuted today. It includes an interactive graphic (utilizing seven different predictor variables) featuring every team’s chances to reach every round of March Madness, including their odds of winning it all. How do those odds stack up to the current (as of 11:59 pm Eastern Time) odds given by Best […]


The 10 Worst Referees in NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball (as Well as the Best!)

There is one more NFL game this season (no, the Pro Bowl does NOT count), but March Madness draws nigh. Out of sheer curiosity, let’s see who are the worst referees in NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball. How does one go about that? Not by watching all the games and recording every bad call (and […]