What The Mighty Ducks Can Teach Us about the USA Women’s Hockey Team Losing Olympic Gold to Canada (Again)

Real quick, let us all remember three things that have happened in hockey, real or fictional.

First, this:

shot hits goalpost

Up 2-1 with less than two minutes left, Team USA’s clear to the empty net hits the post. Canada would score seconds later, and win 3-2 in OT.

Second, this:

The Mighty Ducks, starring Emilio Estevez & Joshua Jackson

It was, Charlie! It was so cool.

And lastly, remember this:

The United States and Canadian houses in Olympic village play an impromptu pickup game in a parking lot. They tied 4-4.

And read Katie Baker’s short, beautiful piece on Grantland about this absolute gem of a game. The game pictured above is why we play hockey, why we play sports, why we have Olympics. Not to have gold medals. (Though yeah, gold medals are nice.) To “have fun out there” does not even do it justice. “Teamwork”, “chemistry”, “bettering yourself”, and “friendship” might not do it justice either. But the moment itself does.

We should not tell the American women who lost today to be happy with their silver medals (though it is fine if they are). They practiced hockey for years, they played the game, their emotions–whatever they are–are legitimate. (Duh.) In fact I fully support Team USA in stabbing with their skates anyone who tells them to “just get over it” because “it’s just a game” or “you still got silver” or whatever. F@#$ those people

As a civilization of human beings, we have progressed from arguing whether it is okay for girls and women to play hockey to arguing whether cheering “Let’s go girls!” at a women’s hockey game is inappropriate and sexist.1 Which is cool, but still kinda missing the point.

NBC analyst and former USA Hockey player (and gold medalist in 1998) Natalie Darwitz remarked after the loss that it was a great game of and for hockey, not just “women’s hockey”. And she is totally right. It was a great game, a great championship. Someone had to lose. Unfortunately, yet again it was the United States. But God it was so cool. Let us all remember, and be proud, of that.

  1. Man [addressing hockey team of male adults]: “Alright, let’s go boys! Defense!” Woman: “Cool.”
    Man [addressing hockey team of female adults]: “Alright, let’s go girls! Defense!” Woman: “HOW CAN YOU BE SO SEXIST AND DEMEANING? THEY ARE INDEPENDENT WOMEN, NOT HELPLESS GIRLS, OKAY?” Man: “I, uhh…neither said nor implied nor thought that. (Thanks for projecting your gender stereotypes of men onto me!)” 

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