Confessions of an Economic Sportsfan: I Am Going There! NFC Wildcard EXCLUSIVE Preview-49ers at Packers-with Pictures! (Part 2 of 2)

Well first of all, this:

1st 49ers game

That’s me the last time I was at a football game! Which was my first 49ers game, as detailed in Part 1. What can I say, I was a chubby sixth grader. And in many ways, I still am. But check it:


This chubby sixth grader still climbed all the way to the top of Seahawk Stadium! Boom. And here’s me watching the 49ers and Seahawks take the field before kickoff, way back in 2002:


Awesome stuff. Thank you to my mother for digging up the pictures. Now, over 11 years later, I’m headed back to an NFL game. I mostly covered all of my many, excessive emotions yesterday (again, in Part 1), but there’s a couple other things.

It’s possible tomorrow I’ll be wearing five layers on my upper body and three on my lower body. I’ve probably done that once or twice before, but I can’t recall specifics. I was considering laying out my gear and taking pictures for the hilarity, before being like “Hell no, that will take forever.” Also when getting it all together I fleetingly considered “Wait, will you really need all this? What if you get too hot?” And then I laughed and threw in a thicker pair of socks. Quite frequently I’m worried about being too hot, even in the cold, it makes me pretty uncomfortable. I don’t think I have ever been less worried about being too hot.

Last check of the weather, before going to sleep: high in Green Bay on Sunday, three degrees. Low -19. At 3 p.m, just before kickoff, it will be three degrees, and “feel like” -14 degrees. By 4 p.m. that allegedly will drop to one degree, “feeling like” -17 degrees. Goodness.

Last check of the lines, as always from (home team in CAPS), and I’m going… sigh,

PACKERS (+3) vs 49ers

My thinking here is many fold, and I was going to lay it out, but just forget it.1 Until we see a few plays (and maybe still even then), we’ve got No Idea what in heck is going to happen with this game. Three combined passing attempts in the first half? Three touchdowns each in the first half? Three players ejected from each time for lighting themselves on fire in the first half? All three? Anyway, if this game actually does end up being as weird as we suspect it might, I think the home-field could be the deciding factor. No, not the weather, a possibility I’m considering less likely given the Packers style of play and the 49ers defensive strengths. But the refs. There could be weird things, weird calls, and the close ones could be a little more likely to go Green Bay’s way. I’ve got no real problem with that–it’s how it works, it’s not intentional, and you try refereeing a subzero game with thousands of half-frozen/half-drunk people screaming at you–but I think it’ll matter.

Now I’ve got to get some sleep; I’ve got somewhere to be tomorrow.

  1. If you’re curious, I was going to start with data like this and work my way from there., eventually hitting some of my usual favorites like Pythagorean winning percentage, DVOA, team health, etc, but seriously consider the context of this game and then try to answer, what’s the point? 
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